Creating Long Term Beauty

Combining Beauty with Longevity

Whenever an industrial building is constructed, a big part of the plan is to ensure it will last through the wear and tear of the future. Many times concrete is used due to its ability to stand up to heavy foot traffic and moving machinery across it. That may have sufficed in days gone by, but a pleasant work environment now seems to be just as important as one that is functional. In modern industrial complexes, combining beauty and longevity is an imperative. It is possible with the right planning and ingredients, and many developers are more than willing to create a beautiful setting that will attract the best clientele.

The Landscape

Buildings used for industrial purposes are often very specialised, so few of them look like works of graceful art. Their functionality is often more important than what can be viewed, but that does not mean an industrial site has to be completely ugly. Beginning with the landscape, it can be a place where beauty is found in many areas. Trees and bushes can be planted that will enhance the feeling of nature, and they are often used to begin the process of making an industrial area look inviting instead of intimidating.

Adding in Glass

The need for functionality can create an eyesore, but that look can be softened with good planning. Metal walls and piping might not make a pleasant view, but placing offices and adding in glass at the front of the building can be helpful. These offices should be designed to sit in front of the industrial works that comprise the main reason for the structure, and they should be designed to help create an invitation to those visiting or working on the premises. It may not cover the entire building with a softer look, but it can present a better company image with even a few offices in the right places.

A Beautiful Walk

The need for complete functionality in an industrial space has often been the only factor considered when building. Many concrete floors have been poured with that thought in mind, but the use of dried aggregates or resin bonded aggregates can provide the same functionality while adding beauty to any work area. At Pennine Aggregates, there are plenty of colours and sizes to choose that will enhance even the largest floor without sacrificing a long wear life. It can be the finishing touch that makes a complex an inviting area where work can be a pleasure for employees on a daily basis.

It may seem a bit extravagant to build beauty into an industrial building, but it can make the difference in ensuring a pleasant work environment. Many modern developers have found ways to add an additional touch of beauty to their finished product. It may add a bit to the cost of completing the project, but it can also make it a profitable one when it comes to selling space. While many industrial processes are beautiful only to those working on them, even a few small touches of beauty in the local environment can make the work space a better place for all.